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Kitchen Measurements

Measurment Instruction 2 | Windsor | WHG Cabinets

1. Draw A Sketch Of Your Kitchen

2. All Measurements In Inches

3. Measure Walls (Total Length)

where cabinets are to be placed and add to sketch. Also, Measure Floor to Ceiling or Floor to Bulkhead.

4. Measure Windows

measure distance from both left and right sides of window (include trim). Then measure from window trim to the closest wall.

5. Appliances

size of appliances, eg fridge, height, and width. If you want a microwave and/or exhaust fan above the stove, we will need the height. Please also mark where you would like your appliances to go and where the current electrical/gas for the stove is.

6. Islands

If islands or peninsulas are to be used, please include a description of islands' purpose and approx size and shape. Also, include your ideas about how you’d like it to look, i.e. false doors or useable cabinets on all sides, etc.

7. Appointment

to book your appointment simply submit the form online, fill in all your information and one of our friendly staff will contact you within 3-5 business days.

8. Your Before Photos

Also, don’t forget to take photos of your current kitchen to help us see the space, and help you love the transformation!