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Zone pocket coil system is designed according to the human body shape to match different support needs in certain areas: head, neck shoulders, hip, back and legs. With the Zone Pocket Coil System ideal spinal alignment is acheived. Provides flexibility and additional reinforcement within the core ensuring appropriate posture support while preventing the mattress from sagging. 360° edge support foam encasement provides greater stability, a comfortable firm sitting edge, and reduces motion transfer across the sleep surface while the pocket coils give a substantial support to your body.

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16 PRESTIGE FIRM | Windsor | WHG Cabinets

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  Width Length Height
Twin/Single Mattress 39" 75" 14"
Double/Full Mattress 54" 75" 14"
Queen Mattress 60" 80" 14"
King Mattress 78" 80" 14"
Dimensions N/A

Twin/Single, Twin/Single with Boxspring, Double/Full, Double/Full with Boxspring, Queen, Queen with Boxspring, King, King with Boxspring

NA Limited Warranty

Congratulations. You have just purchased one of the finest sleep systems available, backed up by one of the finest warranties available. At Dream Star Bedding, we make the mattress that makes you more comfortable, and that includes replacing or repairing any sleep set that fails to live up to our high standards for quality materials and workmanship. Please take a few minutes to read over the warranty guidelines below.

Length of Warranty

Your warranty protects you from the day you purchase your sleep set, and continues according to the “Warranty Schedule” found on this card. In the event that were pair or replace your mattress and/or box spring, this warranty continues your protection from the original date of purchase.

Warranty coverage

This warranty covers the following items during normal wear:

  • Coils or wires that are loose or broken
  • Coils or wires that protrude or rip through the fabric
  • Body indentations of 2” or greater.
  • Your mattress must be continuously supported by a DreamStar Bedding appropriate box spring, or equivalent, with an appropriate frame.The frame should include a rigid center support with at least 5 legs or a rigid center support with at least 6hardwood cross slats for queen and king sets. (See illustration for clarification.) A rigid center support is equal to a support that extends from the frame to the ground

Items Not Covered:

Items and damages not specifically listed in the “WarrantyCoverage” section are not covered, including, for example:


  • Mattress Fabric. (covers, including stains, soiling or burns)
  • Border wires, which run along the perimeter of the mattress and foundation, bent due to moving or bending the sleep set.
  • Structural damage from using an improper bed frame. This warranty applies to queen and king sized mattresses or box springs ONLY if they are used on an appropriate frame with a rigid center support having at least 5legs or a rigid center support with 6 hardwood cross-slats.
  • Used bedding or bedding sold “as is”and floor models.

Box Spring

  • Body indentations less than 2″.
  • Mattress damage due to an inappropriate Box spring. A mattress is designed for full performance when used in conjunction with a DreamStar Bedding appropriate box spring as part of a total sleep set.
  • Replacement of another piece in the sleep set, unless it is also defective.
  • Mattress or boxspring damage due to abuse.· Transportation costs. Damage incurred by transportation or delivery. Sheet fit.

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